Benefits of renting a car for tourism in Curacao
Benefits of renting a car for tourism in Curacao

If you are looking to get the most from a beautiful island, with dozens of blue beaches with fine white sand, then Curacao should be your next destination. In this post we explain why renting a car is your best option when it comes to getting the most from your holidays on the island.

Although the island is relatively small, if you want to make the most of your visit, it is advisable to rent a car or a motorcycle. A vehicle will allow you to move freely and enjoy the different atmospheres and moods on the island, from sunrise to sunset. In fact, enjoying a sunset, having a cocktail on a beach terrace is one of the recommendations we make to you.

With a rental car, you can get to know most of Curacao┬┤s island, and be able to access charming places that buses often do not include in their tours. Having a car available 24 hours a day greatly facilitates your stay, and also allows you to have closer contact with locals, who can help you answering any questions or providing necessary recommendations.

Also, a rented car guarantees that you are able to get to know the secret nature of the island. On the island, traffic is not usually congested as in other Latin American cities, so it is comfortable to drive. Parking is abundant and cheap on most parts of the island.

The deposit or insurance paid to pick up the car covers any inconveniences that may arise, such as breakages and other incidents. Curacao not only has turquoise beaches and a perfect tropical climate for your vacations, it is also one of the safest destinations to travel to. Curacao is one of the safest places in the Caribbean and the world, with very low rates of violence compared to the rest of the countries in the area. According to statistics, crime rates are very low, although as in any other place, it is always necessary to pay attention to recommendations related to personal security.

Curacao can be traveled completely by car. It has great paved roads, as well as highways and multi-lane expressways. To get to know the island, our suggestion is to rent a car and design your own itinerary based on your time and concerns. With so many car rental agencies on the island, you can enjoy an economical automatic car at an economical price, with insurance included.

You can book online and select your reservation date, with a collection and delivery point, in addition to your chosen car category, and you will get a complete service. Paying insurance for rental cars is mandatory. This option covers any incident with third parties. However, basic insurance does not cover total destruction or tire theft.


There are several car rentals companies and none covers you if you drive after drinking, nor if non-registered driver is driving the car at the time of the incident. Be aware that rental cars are commonly not rented with baby seats; therefore, it is something to keep in mind if you are traveling with children. Also, the country┬┤s laws do not allow small children to travel in the passenger seat of the car.

It is highly recommended to download an offline map of the island to make your tours more comfortable.

An important tip when renting a car, is to watch your belongings. A rental car is candy for thieves, who identify them by a company sticker, by the license plate protector or by the sign outside the tank that warns the driver if it is petrol or diesel. As you are a tourist, they will assume that there will be cameras, electronic items or money. If, in addition, you are touring the island by car and you stay in several places, your bags become even more attractive to them.

Do not leave anything in sight, neither in the front seats nor in the rear, as that could be an invitation to break a glass. Even if the insurance pays you what they take, it will be a disappointment that will embitter your vacation time and experience.

Also, be sure to return the car on time, in order to avoid surprises. Check the car when there is an employee present who can check it or, at least, re-photograph or record the condition of the car with a mobile phone when returning it. When you leave the keys in the mailbox of the office for return of vehicles after hours, I have read of several cases in which the card is charged for damage to the car that the client swears and perjures that he did not do.

If you have contracted a complete insurance when you decided to rent a car on the island, it will only be the inconvenience and discomfort that remains in your body to process the reimbursement. If you have not contracted the full insurance, it may be a few hundred euros less in your account.




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