‘For once, the straight drive wasn’t my favourite shot!’ Sachin Tendulkar recalls an incident involving RP Singh


Former Indian superstar Sachin Tendulkar got involved in friendly banter with former India opener and now commentator Akash Chopra and former India seamer RP Singh. Tendulkar tweeted, “For once, the straight drive wasn’t my favourite shot!” tagging Aakash Chopra and RP Singh.

Tendulkar’s tweet came as a response to a conversation between Chopra and Singh whilst commentating on an SA20 game between Joburg Super Kings vs Pretoria Capitals.

Chopra and Singh were discussing an incident in the game when Joburg Super Kings player Alzari Joseph’s delivery is hit back straight to him by Pretoria capital player Phil Salt brushed the leg of Joseph and hits the stumps at the nonstriker end and gets Thenius De Bryune run out who was out of his crease.

Chopra said, “It is a run out at the non-striker’s end for sure but I have a question for you. Where is the skill in this? The ball just hit the his (bowler’s) leg and then went to the stumps. Have you ever done something like this?”.

“I have never been able to run out someone after the ball hit a part of my body while bowling but then I did hit a straight drive once while batting and the player at the non-striker’s end was run out because of that,” Singh responded


When Chopra asked about the batter Singh replied, “Sachin Tendulkar.” Chopra then asked Singh to apologise to Tendulkar. “I had apologised right then. Sorry for having hit the ball like that, please forgive me,” said Singh.

Chopra later apologised tagging Tendulkar to which Tendulkar tagged both Singh and Chopra and responded, “For once, the straight drive wasn’t my favorite shot! @cricketaakash “@rpsingh bhaiyya toh batting karte samay bhi wicket lete the!😜”(Brother could take wickets even while batting.)

Chopra also referred to run-out at the non-striker end by the bowler before the ball was delivered and questioned where is the skill in that too.

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