I am not gonna travel 6.5 hrs to bat for 3 hrs. I am going to bat 5 hours to get 100: What Rahul Dravid said to Hemang Badani while playing in Chennai league


Current Team India coach Rahul Dravid was known for his patience and resilience when he played for India and opposition bowlers would struggle to get his wicket once he was set in the crease, earning him the apt nickname of The Wall.

On Dravid’s birthday, former India cricketer Hemang Badani talked about his attitude when he would come over to Chennai from Bangalore to play the Chennai League.

“He lived in Bangalore and this cricket was happening in Chennai. And he used to come over to Chennai to play the Chennai league, which is one of the most prolific leagues in India. He would come in and churn 100s after 100s. Every game. And I was somebody who was skilled but I would loft the ball and everything. Go out there and get out. Lofting and getting out long off and stuff,” He said in a video shared by IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad.

“Rahul would only keep the ball on the floor. At one point I said, Rahul you have got one 100, you got two, you got four, you’ve got 5. What the hell is happening Rahul? Aren’t you bored? Don’t you like to try something else here?,” Badani narrated the incident of a funny conversation with Dravid.

“He said Hemang, it’s quite simple for me. I take a night train. In those days there were no aircrafts and they were very expensive. I take the night train. I travel for 6-6.5 hours. I am not gonna travel that much and go back 6.5 hours to bat for 3 hours. I am going to bat 5 hours to get a hundred. And it’s as simple as that for me. If I am travelling so much and playing the game, I better make sure that I am in there for 5 hours,” Badani shared.


“He said one more thing, which was that in the nets, you bat for 20 odd minutes. What do you do after that as a batter? I’ll bat another minute, I’ll bat for another 5 balls. You got another 10 balls. Coach, can I bat for another 5 balls, mate can you bowl another 10 balls to me. He said if I get 100, I ma batting 150 balls or 170 balls. Why should I not play. Other wise I am begging to bowlers in the nets. He would never get out,” he concluded.

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