‘I think they should be allowed to do whatever they want’: Wawrinka in favor of Aussie fans getting to boo Novak Djokovic, Murray and Kyrgios jump in support


Swiss professional Tennis player, Stan Wawrinka has expressed that Australian fans should get to boo Novak Djokovic at the 2023 Australian Open because ‘that’s Tennis’.

“If they go over the limit then yes, but I think they should be allowed to do whatever they want,” Wawrinka told Herald Sun. “They do it every year with every player – if they don’t like the player, or they like another one, they will boo one and cheer for the other one. That’s tennis. That’s sport. That’s what you want.”

However, he later added, “So of course, things happened with Novak last year, and I think there was many mistakes – not only Novak. I do believe they will not boo him. They will be happy to see him and it’s going to be a great tournament.”

This comes on the back of Australian Open organisers threatening to throw out anyone present at the venue trying to target the Serb international upon his return to the first grand slam of the year. Djokovic was deported ahead of last year’s Australian Open because of a visa issue relating to his refusal to say whether he had been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Murray and Kyrgios jump in support

Meanwhile, three-time grand slam winner, Andy Murray has jumped in support of his Laver Cup Team Europe mate.

“I don’t necessarily like seeing players get booed,” Murray said on the matter. “It’s not a nice feeling for players when that happens. I saw Novak’s match in Adelaide and he got great supprot and I’m sure that it’ll probably be the same in Melbourne.”

Australia international, Nick Kyrgios, who played the 2022 Wimbledon final against Djokovic has also supported the latter, “I think from a supporting point of view, I know that people are always going to have the people they hate and people they love. I’m one of those player who deals with everywhere I go with people screaming out inappropriate things. Fans love that rollercoaster ride.”


He further added, “But I would just say that Novak’s here and he hasn’t made any rules. He’s one of the greatest athletes of all time, not just on the tennis courts. So he’s here and all he wants to do is to put on a show for Melbourne itself. He’s not just doing it for himself. I think as fans we should be appreciating that. I know there are fans who are not going to want him to win but you can’t cross that line. You guys have paid money to watch the guy play it. It’s pretty contradictory if you’re gonna go there and be a clown about it. You gotta respect him a little bit at the end of the day.”

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