ICC Loses Around $2.5 Million In Phishing Scam


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has become a victim of a major financial scam that has seen them lose a sum of around US$2.5 million. The exact sum of money lost by the world cricket governing body has not yet been revealed but a media report confirms that the scam originated in the United States last year.

A report by EspnCricinfo claims that the scam was committed through the use of a Business E-mail Compromise (BEC). The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has described this as among the most financially damaging online crimes.


Even though several media reports have revealed details about this fraud, ICC has not given any first-hand information on the same. The reason for this could be an ongoing investigation into the matter as the scam happened in 2022.

This is a developing story. More Details will be added…

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