Javelin Thrower Neeraj Chopra 90 Meter Mark Neeraj Chopra Reveals Goal For 2023


India’s Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra, one of the world’s top javelin throwers, aims to achieve the 90 meters-mark this year. After clinching a historic gold in Tokyo, the 24-year-old Olympic champion javelin thrower created history by winning the Diamond League Finals gold.

After this, the star javelin thrower won the silver medal in the World Championship. 2022 turned out to be the greatest year in Neeraj’s career, though an injury forced him to miss out on Commonwealth Games 2022. Despite his stellar performances and glorious achievements, Neeraj Chopra is yet to touch the magical 90 meters-mark in his sport. Presently, Neeraj Chopra is training in England.

“I hope we end this conversation about achieving the 90m-mark this year. It is a magical mark and gives bragging rights to the world’s top javelin throwers — ‘oh look, we have done the 90m’. It is an important benchmark for them. I know I am very close to achieving it. Hopefully, it will soon happen this year,” said Chopra in a press interaction with journalists on Saturday, ANI reported.

Neeraj said that he has three big events this year, namely the World Championships, Asian Games 2023 and the final of the Diamond League.

He said he has not thought about when he has to start his season and will plan with his coach.


“About when to start, I have not thought about it. I will plan with the coach assessing the situation in China. If it happens as per schedule in October, we may start the season a bit late so that we can stretch it till the Asian Games,” said Neeraj.

Keeping these upcoming challenges in mind, Neeraj said about his training regime, “I am mainly doing shoulder strengthening exercises. Lifting heavy balls, weighing about 8-10kg for building power and strength. I am also throwing heavy balls of about 1.8-2kg. From our next camp in South Africa, where the weather is also good we can start with the javelin.”

Neeraj said that he does not think much about the expectations from him and his “mind goes blank” while competing.

“I do not think much about the expectations. Yes, you have to handle both your own and others’ expectations. But when I am competing, my mind goes blank,” said the athlete.

“It is about giving it your all, your 100 per cent thinking that you have prepared for just this day. And somewhere these expectations from the people who love me play a positive part,” he added.

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