Tashkent medical academy official website for India
Tashkent medical academy official website for India

Tashkent Medical Academy is a government medical institution that has a global reputation in every field for providing the best education to medical aspirants seeking an MBBS degree in Asia.


High-quality practical education is provided to the students coming here from home and abroad. Tashkent Medical Academy has a team of all-time experienced professors who provide experiential education in every discipline to the students. Every year students studying for an MBBS degree from here are quite satisfied that the plan they had planned for MBBS education is going exactly like it. Also, world-class teachers, who are considered to be masters in their subject, come from time to time to provide special experience and guidance to the students.


At present Tashkent Medical University has more than 1500 teachers who have many years of world-class experience in the field of medicine.


Every year thousands of students from home and abroad (in which many Indian students are also present) at Tashkent Medical Academy successfully complete their education and obtain an MBBS degree and appear for the post of doctor globally.


There is absolutely no compromise on the level of education in this medical academy of Uzbekistan, which is one of the reasons why it is famous in medical education in India as well as all over the world. This is the reason why Indian and students coming from other countries who choose Tashkent Medical Academy do not face any kind of problem in their medical education journey. And apart from studies, their every need is also taken care of. This includes education as well as your lifestyle and food habits.



Tashkent Medical Academy is the highest-ranked medical university for MBBS in Uzbekistan, one of the best in the field. In just a few years, Tashkent University has maintained its position among the most renowned and sought-after medical colleges in the field of medicine. And today it is the most selected medical institution in Uzbekistan, which is famous all over the world including in Uzbekistan and India.


In today’s time, there are many students in India who are looking for the option of pursuing medical education abroad and completing an MBBS degree due to various reasons. There are many reasons for this such as limited participating seats in medical universities in India and exorbitant fees charged by private colleges. And for all these reasons Indian students are getting attracted to Tashkent Medical Academy in Uzbekistan as it provides high-quality medical education at very affordable face-to-face, and also, this university is recognized by both MCI and WHO.


Many Indian students want information about Tashkent Medical Academy Admission 2022, Tashkent Medical Academy Scholarship for Indian Students, and Tashkent Medical Academy Fee Structure for Indian Students.


They can get all this information on the official website of Tashkent Medical Academy in India




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