Top 10 benefits of React Native
Top 10 benefits of React Native

As cell phones are getting powerful, the need to develop more powerful applications is increasing. All because powerful mobile devices make it possible for users to do most of their daily tasks on their phones. It is worth noting that people have different cell phones in terms of operating systems and interfaces. Therefore, developers need to develop apps for all devices. For that, React Native has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

This platform allows developers to develop apps for all devices and platforms just writing code once. This is only possible due to the cross-framework mobile app development provided by React Native. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that React Native has some incredible benefits. Here, we will discuss all the benefits developers can enjoy when using React Native to develop modern mobile apps.

1. Incredible cost savings compared to native development

When apps are made Native, they need to be developed separately for Android and iOS platforms. This makes development agencies hire two expert teams. When React Native is used for the same purpose, only JavaScript developers are needed as an application developed in JavaScript will work on both operating systems.

2. Fewer resources are needed

In React Native, things are accelerated because the ready-made components can be used for better development and the overall development effort is reduced. Also, the same app can be used for different platforms, so deployment and marketing are also easier.

3. React Native uses JavaScript, which has matured over time

JavaScript is a well-known development language which has been extensively used all over the world for many years. This has made it a mature language and many developers has gained experience in this language. React Native is a great platform because most developers can switch to it without major programming language issues.

4. Less workforce required

As an app can work on different platforms, things are getting significantly easier for companies as they now have to hire just one team to develop the backend of the apps. Although a separate team may also be required because it is different for different platforms, the whole workforce requirement is reduced thanks to the React Native platform. Things also get a lot easier because less people need to be managed and the features you can add to the app are just like the native features.

5. Totally free to use

React Native is an open-source platform, which means all developers can use it for free. Also, many libraries and components come with this free open-source platform to help developers in the overall development process.


6. There is a large developer community present on this platform

Since React Native works with JavaScript, most developers are switching to it. This made React Native gain a huge community of senior and junior developers. This is great because if a developer gets stuck during the development process, things can be easily resolved by discussing the issue on different platforms and development forums.

7. The “Hot Reloading” feature offers great benefits

One thing that takes more time when developing huge and complex apps with lots of features is starting the app again and again. Whenever an element is added to the application, the developer needs to restart the application to verify its working capabilities. React Native provides a hot reload feature that allows developers to check features as soon as they add their code. This saves development time significantly.

8. No need to compromise on application performance

React Native is not the only platform that allows developers to make cross-framework mobile apps, as there are many other options available in the market as well. What sets React Native apart from all its competitors and makes it better for them is the performance of the apps developed with it. Applications developed in React Native are developed using APIs connected to Native components of the operating system. This helps apps look great in terms of performance.

9. Apps built in React Native look like native apps

When apps are developed in React Native, they can look like native apps. This makes the apps feel natural for this platform, but the apps’ incredible performance also makes them feel like native apps.

10. Modular architecture saves a lot of work

This is another best feature of React Native as it allows developers to build modules from different resources. Modules are the code parts that can be easily reused in all different applications where similar features are needed. So, this modular architecture saves you incredibly much time needed to write the same code over and over again. Not only that, but these code modules that have different features can also be used for mobile and web APIs.

Final thoughts

React Native has now become a viral platform for app development, and there is now a huge community of developers present on it. This is all due to the features that most help reduce the cost and time required to develop an application.




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