What does a UI / UX designer do?
What does a UI / UX designer do?

The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) professional role has evolved from the Web Designer´s. These roles have appeared as webpages have been more complex over time, as well as the increasing importance of interaction and optimization of web and mobile platforms. These roles are more important within e-commerce activities where customer journey is essential in the platform design and for customer conversion.

A UX Designer is in charge of the user experience. This involves creating an online platform specifically designed to meet the expectations of the Internet user. UX is above all about the experience between the user and a brand that makes its goods and services available online. The optimization of the user experience affects the data structure within a website or app. Data and functionalities will have to meet decisive criteria for users. These criteria include accessibility, visibility, simplicity, intuition, credibility and trust.

A UI Designer is responsible for improving the user interface. He aims to make online browsing easier and more intuitive. He must also meet design codes while respecting the brand´s identity. The work on the user interface is done after the UX work. It improves the work of organizing the content, previously thought out by the UX Designer. UI is about emphasizing graphic and textual elements to balance the visual elements according to the goals of the website. Subsequently, the UI can then work on animation fluidity, element visibility and design accuracy. All this must be consistent with the web´s theme.

We can say that the UI is part of the work UX work. Therefore, these two concepts cannot be separated. They are part of a whole that consists of improving the design and organization of an online platform. Their primary goal is to make users want to come back.

The work of a UX and UI Designer is confronted with different devices, such as computers, mobiles, tablets, smart watches or even glasses and smart cars. For all these, there are several characteristics that must be taken into account: screen size, loading time and the technologies for reading web data (search engines, tactile navigation, notifications, etc.), among others.

The UX / UI Designer is above all in charge of creating the mock-ups and models that developers will need for graphic optimizations. He works as a project manager on the design of an online platform, which may already exist or be under construction.

Among the main tasks developed by a UX / UI designer, we can find identifying the main challenges related to a web platform project, performing user studies to identify improvement opportunities related to a web platform, developing a user persona profile, creating storytelling according the brand´s image in order to arouse emotions among Internet users, performing design studies highlighting the problem of the project and various proposals (mock-ups) which will make it possible to draw the first lines of the project, following the decision of the orientations of the project and the first drafts, giving specifications to refine the graphic choices through models to draw the future interface, and performing A/B testing, which is also a frequent practice that can be implemented to judge the relevance of the new interface and to make new adjustments.


The role of the UX/UI designer is to create interfaces that meet user needs, and offer them an intuitive and differentiating experience. The work of a UX/UI designer consists of simplifying computer systems (application, website, software) for users. While UX is more related to the user experience, UI refers to the design of all the components that exist in an interface. It is directly related to a company´s strategy, as the product is a contact point between the customer and the brand.

Regarding the user experience, a UX/UI designer is constantly listening to the “user” and multiplies customer studies in order to understand his profile, background, problems and motivations. He uses it to test the hypotheses of the product team, in order to validate or invalidate them. Regarding UI, his role is to create the design of all the interfaces that are present in the software.

Also, a UX/UI designer must be on the lookout for the latest innovations in terms of design to ensure that his product is always at the forefront. UX / UI designers can come from engineering, business and design schools. However, they may have different training and have reoriented themselves by training themselves or by following an accelerated training in UX /UI Design. There are also many profiles from psychology colleges, with empathy being a key element in understanding the user.

Regarding skills, for a UX/UI designer it is very important to knowing how to communicate, as he will be working together with other people. He must be empathic, as working together with users requires listening to them and being able to objectively analyze what they say without interpreting it in his own way.




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