Why did Antoine Greizmann colour his hair pink?


Barring the final, where he faded out without an impact, Antoine Griezmann was the chief playmaker for France, sparkling with his creativity, game sense, and willingness to roam all over the park. But the more important question after the world cup among his fans is why is his hair pink when playing for Atlético de Madrid. Luckily, the footballing world doesn’t have hold its breath any longer as he has explained his colour choice.

With my haircuts you really see if I’m happy or not. Since I was little I’ve always been like this, ‘looks’, colors … In the end I always say that it shows that I’m happy with my hairstyles,” he said in a video published by the club.

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“The choice was blue or pink. We have three girls at home (his wife and his two daughters) and we are two boys (he and his young son), we voted and pink won” . Democracy begins at home, as they say.

Greizmann also spoke about his relationship with the club.  “They are the ones who gave me everything at a football level, but also in my private life, where I learned many things, values… That’s why I did everything to come back. I know this is my home. It’s where I’m happiest,” he said.


“We have to be an organized team defensively and offensively, stay together, put in intensity as we have been doing in these last few games and enjoy the game, because it will be very nice.”

According to Media Foot, Manchester United are ponding signing Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid. Griezmann’s contract runs out at the end of the season.

Barcelona’s coach Xavi had said this about Griezmann in the weekend: “I don’t know what it was like for him here. I know he’s important for Atletico. We’ve analyzed it, he’s on the ball a lot, creates chances, organises the attack, he’s very important. We are keeping an eye on him. He’s dangerous in the final third for sure.

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