Works & Accounts Management Information System (WAMIS)

This System covers the entire life cycle of typical construction project work right from its inspection to its final completion.WAMIS has been developed with the view that all financial transactions pertaining to the State/Central Plan Schemes/Projects are accessed by the Executive, Legislature, Internal Audit, External audit and the citizen at large and the same be assessed against the physical progress and the desired outcome. The System is work flow enabled and comprises of various building blocks in the form of module as described below”

Accounts Management System

This is a voucher Based accounting system that captures all the financial transactions in a typical DDO office. This system generates all the relevant schedules including the cashbook that are required to be submitted to the office of the AG at the end of every month. This system is based on the CPWA code, which has been prescribed for various engineering departments for accounting purposes.

Works And Billing

This module captures the entire information of a typical construction work from proposal stage. Approvals in the form of administrative approvals, Technical sanctions. The stages of approvals are embedded with supporting tools for estimation in support of approvals. Subsequently this module caters to the need of generation of contractor’s bills on the basis of recorded measurements based on the SoR. The bill thus generated becomes an input to the Accounting system as a voucher.


Mobile Application for project site survey/inspections

To ensure that works taken up under various programmes/schemes meet the requisite standards and to assess the actual progress of individual works a mobile-based application has been developed. This application enables the user to take geo-location tagged photographs as well as record other parameters pertaining to project site inspections/survey of the on-going works at the location of their construction site. Photographs thus taken through this mobile based app can later be viewed through a viewer application deployed as a part of WAMIS MIS along with various other financial and works related data captured/processed through WAMIS.


A comprehensive MIS has been developed in the form of dashboard that gives a analytical view of the physical and financial status of the various projects undertaken by the department and compiled for all the offices of the department. The analysis is carried out under various parameters such as Head of Accounts, Schemes/Programmes, User Departments, Infrastructure types, Allotment, Defined physical scope etc assessed against Budgetary Grants, MB Recordings, and Stipulated Time Frames.

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